riolu's XD Race is an open-for-all endurance competition. Each season consists of seven races with four maps each - the maps being unknown and of at least six minutes length. Be the fastest and score the most points! Races are announced on riolu's official Discord Server. Find more information here.


In order to participate, you need to own all four Trackmania 2 titles by Nadeo. You also need to download Dommy's Multienvironment Titlepack, which is free and available for everybody in the ingame titlepack store.

Time Attack

After each race, all maps will be available for everybody on the official server and on Mania-Exchange.

The top 10 on each map will be granted bonus points for the season standings. The points distribution is 5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1.


The competition is driven by the community. Everybody can build a map for it.

Are you interested in contributing?

Read the instructions and build a map for the competition!


Be kind.

No obnoxious chat spam.

Shortcuts and alternative routes are allowed. Use them at your own risk.

Cheating is of course not allowed.

Mappers will not be able to play their own map. However, they will still be given points depending on their average position on the other three maps to ensure competitiveness.


Special prizes will be distributed to the podium positions after the season ends.

Random, unannounced prizes can drop at any time as well.

Want to contribute something? Message me!